Winery of Ellicottville 2.0

Winery of Ellicottville logoLike what you see? So do we. We at the Winery of Ellicottville have decided to step up our brand. We know that we make great wine, and our loyal customers can attest to that.¬†We want our look to match the level of our product, so we’ve taken steps to improve our image. You’ll notice that our logo has been updated, and our color scheme has been energized. Our website has been created from scratch, and features vivid, professional photography. Signage in the tasting room has been tastefully upgraded, including an all-new interactive tasting package.

We hope that through the synergy of excellent wine and quality design, our loyal customers will be proud to bring their friends and loved ones in for a taste. And for those who haven’t made a return visit lately? We welcome you back to enjoy the upgrades that we’ve made in the tasting room. We know that you’ll notice the beautiful custom-built wine racks behind the tasting bar, and we think that you’ll enjoy the upgraded tasting experience that we’ll be offering.

We’ve decided to put a renewed focus on our brand identity. The people of Ellicottville and all who walk through our doors have allowed us to pour them wine for three years. While our look and feel is changing, our core values never will. We serve great wine in a warm, welcoming, environment. We’re not “judgey”, and we’re not a nightclub. The Winery of Ellicottville will remain a place where you can relax with friends, or learn about wine and make new ones.