Details. The smallest details are often the ones that separate the exceptional from the ordinary. Dominic’s father, Francesco, taught him that making excellent wine requires great care and attention. Making the right adjustments at the right time are crucial to achieving optimal quality.  Dominic and Sam have honed their skills for years, and couldn’t be prouder of the lineup of premium quality wines that the Winery of Ellicottville is offering today.

Choosing the right grapes, blending the proportions, and balancing the flavors is truly an art. Sam and Dominic insist on using all locally grown fruit, and blend new world and old world equipment and techniques in order to achieve a diverse offering of wines. All of the wine for sale by the Winery is crafted in the same building that it is sold. Grapes are harvested, crushed, blended, aged, and bottled on-site by two people, Dominic and Sam. Their secret to great wine? They’ve learned the details, and they attend to them every single day.

Nevermind the pile of medals that Winery of Ellicottville wines have won in competition. Let your tastebuds be the judge. Stop in for a tasting; we’re sure that we can pour something that you’ll love.


Where to Pair

The Barn

7 Monroe St.
Ellicottville, NY 14731
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Ellicottville Brewing Company

28 Monroe St.
Ellicottville, NY 14731
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EBC West

34 W Main St.
Fredonia, NY 14063
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