There’s something special about this little town.

Maybe it’s the smiling faces that you see. Everyone seems to be having a ball, all season long. People come to Ellicottville to get away from the daily grind, and it sure is evident.

Maybe it is the feeling of camaraderie that seems to be everywhere. Ellicottville is everyman’s resort town. You’ll find people from all walks of life enjoying a day on the slopes, bellying up to the bar, or browsing through the shops.

Maybe it is just the type of people that Ellicottville attracts. First class skiing, incredible outdoor recreation, first class restaurants, and fun events to ring in each season. I guess we’re all here for one of those reasons; most of us are here for all of them.

Dominic, Sam, and the Spicola family are loving the EVL life. They’re not sure if they chose Ellicottville, or if Ellicottville chose them. Either way, this winery just fits.